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Welcome to my Website

In January 2015, I was honored to take the oath of office to become District 90's Representative in the Arkansas House. I currently hold this office and am honored to have been chosen by the people to represent their values and interests in the General Assembly.

I have a tremendous belief in the people of Arkansas. I believe that if given the opportunity, Arkansans can and will deliver growth, innovation, prosperity and a better quality of life for generations to come. During my time in office, I have upheld this belief by voting according to my conservative principles of smaller, accountable government, less regulation, lower taxes, the sanctity of life, common sense solutions and the protection of all constitutional rights guaranteed to the people.

I invite you to explore this website to find out more about the issues and my re-election campaign. I believe that you will see that my voting record is consistent with the conservative values of our district and demonstrates a common sense approach to governance. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone if you should have any questions (479) 236-3060 or email DellaRosa4Arkansas@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter @JanaDellaRosa, Instagram @JanaDellaRosa or join my Facebook page www.facebook.com/DellaRosa4Arkansas to stay up-to-date on legislative activities and campaign announcements.

I welcome questions, comments, and communication at any time. Thank you for visiting my political website.