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Governor Asa Hutchinson

"I am proud to endorse Jana Della Rosa because she listens, she's thoughtful, she measures her vote and how its going to impact people.  She has served as a strong conservative voice in Little Rock and has always been willing to work with me and other legislators to find practical solutions.  I ask that you re-elect Jana Della Rosa so we can continue to put conservative principles to work for Arkansas."

Speaker of the House Jeremy Gillam

Representative Della Rosa worked with other conservative Republicans to cut taxes, reduce government waste, and reduce burdensome regulations.  I am proud of what the Republican majority accomplished in the last session.  I have endorsed Rep. Della Rosa because she has proven that we can count on her to stand up for conservative policy that benefits hard-working Arkansans.

House Majority Leader Ken Bragg

Senator Jim Hendren

Senator Jon Woods

Rep. Rebecca Petty

Rep. Sue Scott

Rep. Dan Douglas

Rep. Lance Eads

Rep. Micah Neal

Rev. Aaron Smith

Donald Lourie

"I asked Jana to help me to introduce a bill at the 2015 legislative session. She was very helpful, and made herself available at every point in the legislative process. Jana was always prompt at returning my calls and e-mails. She studied our position, learned about it and became a real advocate in the legislative committee and on the House floor. I have spoken with others who she helped and all said the same thing, "Jana Della Rosa really works hard for her constituents."

Springdale Alderman Jim Reed

Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse

Cave Springs Mayor Travis Lee

Eric Harris

Mike Whitmore

Roger & Judy Blue

Donald Lourie

Jerry & Mary Cook