On the Issues

Jana Della Rosa’s Commitment to District 90

Constitutional Conservative

With the ever-increasing assaults on not just our 2nd Amendment rights, but on practically every freedom guaranteed by the Constitution to the people, states are increasingly becoming the last line of defense for citizens seeking protection from this over-reach. It is imperative that we have a state legislature that will stand up and protect the constitutional rights of the people of Arkansas. Jana Della Rosa will stand firm to defend the rights of all Arkansans against any federal or state infringement.

Traditional Family Values; Pro-Life

Jana is a Christian Conservative who has consistently supported Religious Freedom protection laws and traditional family values. She is staunchly pro-life and is proud to have been endorsed by Arkansas Right-to-Life for her 100% Pro-Life voting record. She will continue to fight for the unborn.

Pro Second Amendment

Jana has consistently supported pro-gun legislation during her time in the legislature. She is a member of the NRA and a concealed carry owner. She maintains a strong pro-gun voting record and will continue to not only defend your right to keep and bear arms but to expand your gun rights in Arkansas.

Fiscal Responsibility

While in the legislature, Jana supported a balanced budget plus the largest income tax cut in state history. She has supported the Governor’s efforts to streamline government and make it more efficient. She will continue to advocate for sound fiscal policy to further reduce the tax burden on hard-working Arkansans.


Those who have made possible the freedoms we enjoy deserve our utmost respect and support. Jana supports our veterans, military personnel, and their families.


As a member of the House Education Committee, Jana has worked with local school districts and parents to make common-sense improvements to public education. Her most recent legislation was to significantly increase the amount of recess time for elementary school children by setting a state minimum of 40 minutes per day. She also enacted change to the state’s school accountability system which grades schools on multiple measures to identify which schools are performing and which ones need additional support. She has voted for numerous measures that expanded the opportunities for children to attend the school that best fits their needs. She also remains committed to strengthening and coordinating public education from Pre-K through college to make sure that all Arkansas children have the skills they need to get a job when they graduate.

Economic Development

Arkansas needs to continue to create economic opportunity by attracting higher paying jobs. Jana will keep working with entities like the Chamber of Commerce, NWA Council, Arkansas Economic Development Commission, and local business owners to make changes that improve our state’s business climate. Jana has a record of supporting our businesses by voting for improvements such as lowering and simplifying taxes, removing excessive regulation, investing in infrastructure, and working to convert our state government into one eager to help our business community in both Northwest Arkansas and across the state.

Workforce Development

Economic development cannot occur without a trained workforce to fill the jobs. Jana will continue to support workforce education programs to develop our workers so they qualify for better-paying jobs. One example of Jana’s work in this area is the Arkansas Futures Grant program. At the Governor’s request, Jana carried the legislation to enact this program which offers anyone in Arkansas the opportunity to get a 2-year degree or certificate. She also supports coordination between high schools, trade schools, and colleges to train our students so they are prepared to enter the workforce when they graduate school.


Our nation was built by individuals who came to this country in search of a better life. Jana welcomes those who come into our country legally and believes our nation needs to make immediate changes to our immigration policy so that those who come here legally can get their citizenship processed in a timely manner. However, she opposes illegal immigration and believes our national security must be a priority.


Vote for Jana in the Run-Off Election on Tuesday, March 31st.
Early voting begins Tuesday, March 24th.